Combine Yellow Mango with Baan Kang Wat

Combine Yellow Mango with a visit to Baan Kang Wat

Yellow Mango Entrance with the yellow mango treeWhen arriving at Yellow Mango you feel a bit like stepping back in time and are going for a high-tea kinda afternoon thingy.
A beautifully restored 2 store colonial building completely painted in yellow, where you can relax outside underneath a big shady yellow mango tree in low seating chairs for your afternoon tea or coffee with or without cake.
The menu offers nothing really eye-catching, you have the traditional Thai dishes and smoothies, but the whole place feels very relaxing and makes for a nice, stylish time out with your friends or loved ones.
It definitely is the setting that is well worth of paying the place a visit and you can always combine Yellow Mango with a visit to Baan Kang Wat (related article in this magazine: food and entertainment) a bit further down the road.

To get there: follow the road after passing the famous Wat U-mong for about 2km, direction Baan Kang Wat you will find Yellow Mango on your right-hand side. Just look out for the big yellow mango tree.

Yellow Mango tree

For more information:

Open from: 10:00 – 19:00 hrs.

Phone: 08-8268-6923




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