Jam Sessions at North Gate Jazz

The place to be for live jazz music in Chiang Mai.

Out in Chiang Mai The Great Gig in The North Gate : The Tuesday night jams 1

For jazz lovers, this is definitely a place to visit in Chiang Mai. The North Gate is a co-op offering a platform for jazz musicians of all levels, from beginners to professionals, to perform and develop their musical skills. The place is frequented by local and foreign customers and players, so it is a great place to get in touch with the Chiang Mai community of musical creatives.

Most of the time there are 2 performances every night, but occasionally even a third concert takes place. So if you enjoy live jazz music, The North Gate Jazz Co-op is where you should go to.

The main focus lies on the more experimental side of jazz music, with lots of improvisation. The performing bands can consist of 10 people, but also just 2. The supply of players is quite diverse. Occasionally there are also more funk or pop-oriented concerts.

Well attended Tuesday Night Jam Session.

Every week there’s a Tuesday night jam session. There is a more or less regular group of musicians composing a set list, but anybody who can play or sing is invited to join. It is surprising how many people overcome their shyness, patiently waiting their turn to give the best of themselves while joining the regulars on stage. Actually, stage is a bit of an overstatement, as the band players are just squeaked on a couple of square meters on the left-hand side of the bar.

Jam Sessions at North Gate Jazz 2

It is not an easy combination to produce good music, bringing together steady band members and passers-by. But the outcome is always fascinating, to say the least, and often highly impressive. The North Gate proves there is an active live jazz music scene in Chiang Mai, with heaps of talented musicians.

Jazz performances diverting in all directions.

Many times the musical starting point is a jazz standard, but along the way, the music can divert in all directions. We have heard magnificent fusion jazz performances in the past, and one time even savored a highly experimental set executed by a Japanse keyboard player and an American drummer. You never know what you’re going to hear at the Tuesday night jam session, but for sure, you will experience something unique.

Relaxed atmosphere at the Tuesday Jam Sessions.

The Tuesday Jam Sessions are well-known and famous, so the tiny North Gate pub fills up quickly. Extra chairs and tables are arranged outside the venue, but even then, we advise you to come early if you want a place to sit, otherwise it might be standing room only. So whenever you arrive a bit later, you will end up on the footway, but don`t consider that a burden, as you will still be able to see and listen to the music rather conveniently. Your listening experience to this fine jazz music in Chiang Mai will always happen in an unconstrained and relaxed atmosphere.

Jam Sessions at North Gate Jazz 4As mentioned before, apart from the Tuesday night jam sessions, there are still many great musical performances to discover on the other days of the week. All concerts start around 9.30 pm and last until midnight. The drinks menu offers beer, soft drinks, and a small selection of cocktails.

Maybe the prices are a little bit higher compared to other bars in Chiang Mai, but they are still very reasonable. The sale of drinks is their only means of income and given the fact that you get highly entertaining free live music, the pricing is fully understandable.

91/1-2, Si Phum Road (in front of Chang Phuak Gate)
Amphur Muang
Chiang Mai 50200

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