TMC Massage School of Chiang Mai

Enroll in different massage courses at TMC Chiang Mai.

TMC Chiang Mai“Knowledge is sacred – the seeker is a noble one.
Thus, the giver must be totally sincere and honest.”

(philosophy of TMC)

Maybe you are getting tired of receiving all those massages or maybe you are more of a giver than a receiver, with TMC Chiang Mai you have the opportunity to learn many or all different techniques of “ancient Thai massage” and take this knowledge back to your home country to either start up a business or to make your partner very happy.

You can enroll in different massage courses with degrees of  stages and levels, starting with a 12 hours (2 days) “Thai Table Massage”, “basic Thai massage” (18 hours/3 days) a 30 hours short course, lasting 5 days in which you will learn about: head, neck and shoulder massage, face and back massage, even abdominal massage and in which you will also participate in field training to practice your massage skills.Class room at TMC massage school in Chiang Mai

Many other aspects of massage techniques like foot massage reflexology, Thai chair massage, Thai Step On, and more are available at your choice or depending on your personal level of degree, you can even receive training on “Tok Sen”, a centuries-old Northern Thai practice developed by Buddhist Monks from a “Mae Mor” – a woman medicine doctor.

Government Certified Thai Massage Professional and Teacher Training.

You can go as far as a 600 hours Teacher training course or “GCT” (Government Certified Thai Massage Professional and Teacher Training) which is the most comprehensive and intensive course, that requires strict discipline and determination to reach your goal.  After any taken course you receive a government certified Thai massage document proving that you are indeed qualified to practice your level of Thai massage.

About Thai Massage School Chiang Mai.

TMC or “Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai” was founded in 2001 and stands for teaching with a high value of education, radiance and pure – sincere- dedication and compassion for students seeking true Thai massage knowledge.

 teachers at TMC massage school in Chiang Mai

TMC Chiang Mai also does a lot of charity and gives on a regular basis donations to the “Dharma Yogananda Foundation” for special children education and to many other organizations like for example the “juvenile detention facility.”

All teachers have extensive Thai massage experiences in their communities and are performing the same teaching techniques to all students for better learning results and to avoid confusion.

At TMC, the teaching team will undergo on-going training to strengthen and/or improve their knowledge at all time. Many of the courses are available in different languages: Chinese, English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish,… Students are able to learn the ancient art of Thai massage effectively with compassion and peace.

What do you get other than your massage certification document?

TMC earthbag

Well, you get depending on the course you take, apart from free tea and lunch, a free pick-up to and from your hotel

or residence (within a certain zone), fresh practice clothes, an “ancient Thai massage” textbook and handmade earth bags made by special people. Maybe an education visa, but this is a different subject and is depending on your personal situation and the law.

If you are interested to enroll in one of the many available massage courses you can do this by visiting TMC‘s huge and professional website and fill in the registration form in the contact section.

203/6 Mae Jo Rd. Moo 6
T. Faham
Chiang Mai 50000

For more information on Thai Massage School Chiang Mai go to:

Tel: 053-854330
Fax: 053-246203
Mobile: 08-1111-2001

Outside Thailand:

Tel: 66-53-854330
Fax: 66-53-246203
Mobile: 66-8-1111-2001


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