The U.N. Irish Pub & Crusty Loaf Bakery

The Irish Pub has been managed by a variety of nationalities.

The U.N. Irish pub in Chiang MaiOriginally established in August 1992 by Rosemary O’Connell and her husband Daeng Putthawiteree under the name “The crusty loaf bakery” the place quickly developed into a restaurant with western food and the name got changed into “The Irish pub”. Later when Rosemary returned home, The Irish Pub has been managed by a variety of nationalities hence the addition of U.N. making it more international.
The U.N. Irish Pub provides a calendar with most of the sports venues, so you can support and cheer on your favorite clubs or players with like-minded hearts. Furthermore, they are hosting a popular quiz night on a regular basis where you can test your personal knowledge of different topics or invite some friends over and play like a team. The menu consisting of international and Thai choices of food, with of course lovely dishes like their Irish stew, Full English breakfast, Shepard’s pie and the best B.L.T. sandwich in town is surely recommended, the relocated “Crusty Loaf Bakery” right next door where you indeed can find crusty loaf baked goods is simply delightful.

The U.N. Irish Pub has become an icon in Chiang Mai

UN - IRISH PUB interior

Inside you can escape the scoring heat of the Chiang Mai sun in an air-conditioned environment or you can relax on the shady courtyard at the back of the premises, upstairs there are several different rooms available for private screenings or meetings.

Because of the quality of their food and their hospitality The U.N. Irish Pub has become an icon in the Chiang Mai expat community and is one of the places to go to have fun and meet old friends or new people.



24-24/1 Ratchawithi Road
Amphur Muang
Chiang Mai 50200

For more information:

Open daily from: 09.00 am till…
Phone: 0853 214 554

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