Taste From Heaven: Vegetarian Food Done Right!

Vegetarian Heaven Exists

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It’s vegetarian week in Chiang Mai and Thailand and being a non-vegetarian, I always convinced myself that vegetarian food must be boring, but it must be said that I was surely mistaken.
A vegetarian menu that actually makes me want to try most of the dishes is quite rare to me and my veggie friends told me that I had to try out Taste From Heaven because according to them, this is one of the best places in Chiang Mai to enjoy vegetarian food. And right they were!

Best vegetarian restaurant options in Chiang Mai

No MSG containing, high quality and beautifully presented dishes, combined with friendly and super fast service makes Taste From Heaven indeed one of the best vegetarian restaurant options in town.

taste from heaven dish

An expansive menu with a mix of Thai and Western food, lovely choices of healthy juices and smoothies, dishes varying from light meals and appetizers, soups, huge salads, curry’s served in coconuts, delicious desserts, (try for example their deep fried ice cream with banana) to complete, top notch, big portion dishes that will make even vegetarians gain weight. I, of course, tried the veggie-bacon sandwich and was happily surprised to find that the bacon actually resembled the taste of real bacon, which for a vegetarian cook must be quite difficult to figure out.

Thai food is very suitable for vegetarian cooking because many Thai dishes are being prepared in a wok, so it is easy to just leave out or change ingredients like meat -or dairy products and at Taste From Heaven you can customize your dishes by adding or leaving out ingredients to your own personal eating requirements.

The ever friendly and welcoming owner Nan previously had a restaurant with the same name on Thapae Rd. and is a well-experienced cook and teacher, you can learn how to prepare vegetarian food by taking one of her cooking classes where you can choose which of the dishes you like to learn and Nan will gladly share her secrets with you.

taste from heaven

Taste From Heaven is due to its variable menu, appealing to vegetarians as well as non-veggies and thanks to Nan’s cooking skills has built up a reputation over the years of serving up dishes with unbeatable taste and great value for money. You can order food for taking out and being listed with food delivery company’s like “Meals on Wheels4U” and “Food Panda” (see section food and entertainment) you can when you are not feeling for going out, even get your favorite dishes from the restaurant delivered right to your door. Some of the quota on the wall inside the restaurant by famous people that can maybe change your mind and can make you more acceptable to vegetarian food:



34/1 Ratmakka Rd.
T. Prasingh
A. Muang
Chiang Mai 5020

For more information:
Open daily from: 9 am – 10 pm.
Closed: Wednesday
Tel: 091-859-8920 or 089-951-1167
Website: www.taste-from-heaven.com
E-mail: tastefromheavencm@yahoo.com

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