SCB Easy app offers fee-free transactions

With its “SCB Easy Freenomenon” campaign, SCB claims it is the first bank to cancel fees for the five most popular types of financial transactions via its app.

Shopee offers summer specials

Shopee is leading up to its 24-hour 4.4 Summer Shopping Day on April 4 with a series of specials.

Huawei’s new smartphone is a triple treat

Lawsuits sought against 25 people for alleged share-price manipulation

THE SECURITIES and Exchange Commission (SEC) has asked the public prosecutor to file lawsuits against 25 people accused of manipulating the share prices of six listed securities, and demanded that the wrongdoers pay fines totalling Bt890.8 million.

Gold prices up B50 to B19,700

The Gold Traders Association this morning announced the buying prices at 19,253.20 baht per baht-weight for gold ornaments and 19,600 baht per baht-weight for gold bar.

BoT: Low income curbing recovery

Soft purchasing power caused by lower household income in both the farm and non-farm sectors has hindered a broad-based economic recovery, says a senior official at the Bank of Thailand.

GSB rides no-fee transaction wave

The state-controlled Government Savings Bank (GSB) will follow in commercial banks’ footsteps by scrapping online banking transaction fees, a move that it estimates will cost 300-400 million baht in forgone fee income.

TCG board sacks president Nitid

The Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) board has sacked Nitid Manoonporn from the post of president after he failed to pass a performance appraisal for the third time.

TH: 31.2150000 THB = 1 USD 2018-03-30 Bank of Thailand Weighted-average Interbank Exchange Rate

31.2150000 Thai Baht = 1 USD