No – Gravity Indoor Rock Climbing

No - Gravity belay

For those of you who like to live life on the edge, No-Gravity indoor rock climbing offers affordable indoor rock climbing for beginning as well as for advanced climbers, you can learn how to climb and how to boulder with the assistance of the friendly professional and certificated staff that will guide you through the different stages of rock climbing.

With a height of 12 meters and 370 square meter climbing walls, No-Gravity can be quite challenging with lots of varied routes, some going straight up, others have obstacles or inclines that are more difficult to overcome, depending on your level you will be advised on what routes to take, starting from beginner routes to more extreme  and challengingNo - Gravity boulder climbs and you will learn how to belay and secure your ropes.

The place is huge and routes are changed regularly so there is always a new challenge to climb or dangle from if you are stuck and the staff will assist you at all times to further your level of skill.

As mentioned before No-Gravity is an ideal place for beginning climbers to learn about safety rules and climbing indoors before setting out on their own in the wild to climb the beautiful hills surrounding Chiang Mai.

You can stay, climb and hang around for as long as you like!    No - Grravity climb

Atsadathon Road
Chiang Mai

Price settings:

Routes for total beginners and also experienced climbers.

  • 1 Day ticket (Adults 180 THB, Kids 100 THB)
  • 1 Month membership (Adults 1250 THB, Kids 750 THB)
  • 3 months Membership ( Adults 2150 THB, Kids 1300 THB
  • 6 Months Membership (Adults 3500 THB, Kids 2000 THB)
  • 1 Year Membership (Adults 5500 THB, Kids 3000 THB)

Belay service is not included and costs 50 THB (promotion)

Climbing courses:

  • 1/2 Day Top rope Climbing Course: 1000 THB
  • 1 Day Top rope Climbing course: 1500 THB
  • 1 Day lead Climbing course: 1700 THB
  • 2 Days Top rope and lead Climbing Course: 3000 THB.

Parents Belay course: 300 THB


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