Ninja Shabu / DIY Dinner Party in Chiang Mai

Buffet style dinner with fresh ingredients

ninja shabu in Chiang Mai

A great way to start an evening is with a satisfied feeling after a good meal, Ninja Shabu will without a doubt take care of that. Buffet style dinner with fresh ingredients that you have to prepare yourself on a kind of a Mexican style hot hat.

The system works as follows: when proceeding to your table you will find two ways of preparing your food, one is a kettle with a hot broth let’s say bouillon, the other is the above mentioned “Mexican hot hat”  which works kinda like a hot plate and is a fun way to have a pleasant meal, in Thailand this way of eating is called “Mookata” and has its origins from Japan, it can be a bit time-consuming, but it is a fun way to start an evening with a group of friends or family and it is actually not expensive, the all you can eat buffet will set you back the amazing amount of 149 Baht per person and will leave you guaranteed with a full stomach.

In the broth you can boil all kinds of vegetables, fish balls, prawns and other food items and on the “hot hat” you can prepare thin sliced Sashimi style choices of meat, on the side which is filled with boiling hot water you can either boil your meat/fish food items or more vegetables. After you think you have eaten enough, there is still a choice of fresh fruit and/or a variety of different flavors of ice cream to chose from.

Ninja Shabu grill in Chiang Mai

You can find Ninja-Shabu inside the market called Malin plaza at the end of Huay Kaew Rd. before the Chiang Mai Zoo, just take a Tuk-tuk and tell the driver to go to Malin / Nimman, he will know where to take you.

Malin plaza, Huay Kaew road, Chiang Mai

For more information and reservations:

Phone: 086 671 6878

Open from: 04.30hr – 23.00hr


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