Love At First Bite / Homebaked Cakes & Pies!

A hidden oasis that is ideal for lunch.

love at first bite entrance in Chiang Mai

Chocolate cake, blueberry cheesecake, apple pie,… it’s words like these that make your mouth water and that gives you the urge to take care of your “sweet fix” as soon as possible.

What sets this bakery apart from others is that the owners of “Love At First Bite” used to be living in the United States for 27 years and know how cakes actually should taste like. You can’t know how to make a cake if you’ve never eaten one!

Tucked away in a residential alley on the east bank of the river, the bakery is nicely located to escape busy Chiang Mai traffic, but still walking distance to and from the old city.

An air-conditioned, bright and spotlessly clean restaurant.

love at first bite 's birthday cake

“Love At First Bite” accommodates their guests in an air-conditioned, bright and spotlessly clean restaurant with a pleasant, shady, tranquil garden that has quite an English charm about it.

A hidden oasis that is ideal for lunch, you can have snacks and light meals like quiche, lasagna or fish and chips, but leave some “cake space” to treat yourself with a choice of over 40 delicious, different cakes and pies bursting with flavour that will indeed make you love it after just one bite and when satisfied you can always take more cakes home or you can order birthday or wedding cakes who will be ready for pick-up on the important day.

The shop opened in 1999 to become one of the first quality bakery’s in town.

love at first bite's garden in Chiang Mai

The friendly and welcoming owners, Jerry and Mattie.S Watana were born in Chiang Mai and after their time spent in the states returned to their hometown in 1992 and luckily for us, sweet toots decided to open shop in 1999 to become one of the first quality bakery’s in town.
“Love At First Bite” has built up a reputation solely by word of mouth without any other form of advertising and thanks to Mattie’s creative mind and longtime love for cooking and baking, people are finding their way to the now famous five-star bakery from all over Thailand.

You might have to pay a bit more compared to other bakery’s and you will notice that the place tends to attract more trendy and middle/ upper-class Thai people (so maybe dress up a little bit to avoid awkward stares) but it definitely is well worth a visit and honestly, once you have tasted some of Mattie’s signature cakes and new, monthly taste sensations and creations it will be hard for you to stay away anyway and don’t forget, you can always burn your newly gained extra calories by opting to walk back in to town over the bridge, it is well worth the trip!

To find “Love At First Bite” coming from Thapae rd. crossover Nawarat bridge, turn right and walk into Soi 1 (there is a sign on the corner) on your left-hand side, when you are coming by car, the bakery has a small private parking, but on busy days you might have to look for a spot outside the small alley.

28 Chiang Mai – Lamphun rd. Soi 1
T. Watgate
Chiang Mai 50000

For more information and reservations go to:

Tel: 053-242-731, Fax: 053-244-910
Mobile: 081-472-5059
Opening hours: 10.30am-06pm
Closed on: Monday

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