Let there be hard rock music

Enjoy a good live rock concert in Anusarn Market

Let there be hard rock music 1

Many restaurants and bars offer free live music in Chiang Mai. Just stroll around the city in the evening, and you will hear music being played in several places. Recently we were tipped by a friend about a bar in Anusarn Market at the Night Bazar district, where you could enjoy good live hard rock music. So we went over to check it out.

Not knowing the exact location, it didn’t take long to find the Thai European Restaurant and Bar, as the band was performing already. Just following the tunes of a famous Led Zeppelin song, we reached our destiny for the evening. Hard rock should be played loud and yes that is what was happening.

A live act following the rules of the hard rock bible

On stage, the Black Hawks rock band was going for it all the way. The band consists of 6 members, though during the concert some friends joined and interchanged instruments as well. In front of the band, a long black haired, bare-chested singer was singing and screaming according to the rules of the hard rock bible. Knight The Voice, is his artist name. With loads of charisma and rather impressive imitations of famous singers as Robert Plant or Bon Scott, his live act delivers a huge contribution to the show. Moreover, as opposed to many other Thai singers, his English pronunciation is way above average.

Classic rock songs performed effortlessly

Let there be hard rock music 3

A good live concert though does not stand alone with an enigmatic singer. The Black Hawks leans on a solid rhythm section; drums, bass, keyboards are played very tense and come close to the original versions of the classic rock songs being performed. Both of the guitar players contribute to the overall quality as well. The young lead guitarist, according to the book again with long black hair, gets away effortless it seems in replicating the solos of the famous rock gods from musical history.

On top of that, he also jumps in front of the stage regularly in order to boost the show element of the live act. The rhythm guitarist, though this is a bit untruthful as he plays solos sometimes also, takes over the singing role occasionally in some songs, and gets away with that very well in covers like Pink Floyd`s Comfortably Numb for instance.

An interactive show with the Black Hawks

The Black Hawks rock band plays in Thai European Restaurant and Bar from Wednesday till Sunday. Their repertoire covers classic hard rock songs from AC/DC, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, and the like. It seems they have been performing in this place for 2 years already. If you are into hard rock they are certainly worth to come to listen to. Their musical skills are too good to be ignored. Add a highly entertaining and interactive show to that, and you don`t need any other arguments in order to get convinced.

Watch a live concert in the Night Bazar area in Chiang Mai

The Thai European Restaurant and Bar is located in the heart of the Night Bazar area in Chiang Mai, so it is frequented mostly by tourists who drop in rather accidentally during their shopping rounds. While many visitors initially just hop in out of curiosity, most of them become so enthusiastic they will stay until the end of the live concert. And as the performance moves on, as we have noticed ourselves, it is not uncommon to see people start dancing too. And if you want to see the Black Hawks in another setting, on Mondays they make their appearance in Chiang Mai`s Hard Rock Cafe, which is located a bit further at the same Night Bazar area on Loy Kroh Road.

As the name of the place indicates, they serve Thai and Western food, but we have to admit we went there for the live music and entered rather late, so we did not order any food. The drinks were fairly priced, and the staff was mindful. The size of the bar is rather large, so there is plenty of space to sit and watch the show.

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