Early or Late Breakfast at Kat’s Kitchen

Inexpensive traditional Northern- and Southern Thai dishes.

Kat's Kitchen in Chiang Mai

Try different Thai food or have a snack underneath the covered and shady outside seating area whilst enjoying a cool beer, smoothie or fruit shake.

Kat’s Kitchen opened it’s doors in November 2013 and has due to their success and hard work recently expanded their venue with a couple of outside seating tables more to create the possibility to accommodate larger groups and/or family’s. Well prepared, inexpensive traditional Northern- and Southern Thai dishes, served by the genuine Thai smiling and friendly staff, that are nice to order with a couple of friends so you can share and taste different food items “Thai style,”  try for example the smooth Panaeng curry, a spicier Red curry and deliciously prepared Spring rolls. They also serve an amazing and big English breakfast with the best English back bacon that I ever had the pleasure to taste in Chiang Mai.

Not only is Kat’s Kitchen attractive for all your meat lovers, but there is also a large choice of vegetarian food from the menu to choose from, so you can bring your veggie friends along as well. Being conveniently located on Ratchamanka road, (opposite Loy Kroh Rd.) near the moat, Kat’s Kitchen is an ideal starting point to have your breakfast and to then continue with your planned activities for the day.

Kat's Kitchen at night

Kat's Kitchen Spring rolls

Open daily from: 07:00 am – midnight

17 Ratchamanka rd
Chiang Mai 50200

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