Local Thai food in style at Palaad Tawanron

Dining with style on the foothills of Doi Suthep

Eat in Style at talaad_tawanron_chiang_mai_restaurantTo eat in style and with unique entertainment is what Palaad Tawanron stands for. Palaad Tawanron is located on the foothills of the Doi Suthep mountain, offering stunning views on a waterfall and lake in the tropical surroundings. In day or night time the panoramic views over Chiang Mai city are one of the most beautiful things to be seen over here.

The restaurant has an air-conditioned section and a large teak wood deck on the outside. It can serve for up to 400 people who can eat local Thai food in style and is very popular so you better make a reservation to ensure you can join the evening. Prices are not the cheapest in Chiang Mai, but the level of quality of local Thai food and entertainment offers the best price/quality comparison.

25 cooks in the kitchen for top Thai dining

With 25 cooks in the kitchen guided by the experienced Executive Chef Mr Somsak, you can be sure the most popular local Thai food dishes are served with a superior taste which you can eat in style. From creamy spicy soup with coconut to different choices in seafood, people who love the finesse of Thai kitchens will remember this place for a long time as the absolute top! Those who like to eat some Western dish for a change should try the delicious deep fried pork leg with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Everything is prepared in their own kitchen.

palaad_tawanrod_Chiang_Mai : the place to eat in stylePlenty of times famous Thai people come to eat in Palaad Tawanron

From the normal Thai pop songs to real cultural songs with stylish acts. But chances are that you will unexpectedly see another form of entertainment. Many Thai movie and music stars frequent this restaurant for the same reason you should do great quality and stunning views.

Plenty of times real famous people come to eat in here after they performed somewhere in Chiang Mai. Often they will try to make their own favorite dish in the kitchen to show off in front of the camera’s from journalists.

The Banjo Man house band and other entertainment

The Banjo Man group is the house band and they perform songs in English and Thai. Sometimes the quality is entertaining only, other times you will hear some real original performances in combination with violin or banjo. Along the evening there are clowns dressed in colorful costumes entertaining the customers from all ages with their gigs and tricks.

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