Why Not House of Music


High level live music performance

Why Not House of Music is a new place located in the back of the Chiang Mai GrandView hotel . Pretty sure many locals in Chiang Mai soon will remember it for its high level of live music performance. Indeed this house is dedicated to music and you can see that from the decoration used. Original guitar blade tables and the many musical attributes keep reminding you that the focus here is music. In general the whole interior is well designed and packed with signs of those days when music still belonged to tell stories of Rock and Jazz or Funky tunes of the eighties. 

Why Not House of Music 1
Why Not House of Music 3

Professional Sound Setup

So is the stage: a very professional setup with the latest modern mixing hardware, besides the normal guitar and bass amplifiers. As soon as a band starts to play you can hear the obvious difference between many other live music places that you visited before in Chiang Mai.  It sure convinced me that you don’t need to be in Bangkok anymore to experience the highest standards in live music entertainment.