Warm Up Cafe popular amongst university students

Warm Up Cafe popular amongst university students


Warm Up Cafe is very popular among university students and local Thai.

Warm Up Cafe in Chiang Mai

Located on Nimmanhaemin road and still going strong after being opened about ten years ago, Warm Up Cafe is very popular amongst university students and the young and trendy Thai and is the place to see and be seen, Warm Up is probably the most famous party club in Chiang Mai, however the word around town is  that sometimes the place feels unwelcoming to foreigners, but I guess that this is an individual problem.

Warm Up Cafe is divided in to three different zones: Hip-hop in the main room, House in the lounge and soothing Indy-Rock in the garden, you can relax and have some food and drinks at the outside seating area, the food here is actually very good and not overpriced, but once you go true the glass doors on the backside and mangle yourself in to the crowd  you will be shoulder to shoulder dancing till closing time. Warm Up Cafe is packed on Fridays and Saturdays and closes its doors at exactly 1 am.