Electric Bicycles: new generation powered bicycle 17

Electric Bicycles: new generation powered bicycle

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Experience convenience with a motor powered bicycle.

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On a sunny Sunday afternoon we were pleased to be introduced to a new sensation in bicycling. Imagine driving through the mountain view rice field roads with not only the spectacular view, but also the comfort of a very well build electric bicycle. That is exactly what this powered bicycle is all about. With a 750 Watt rear drive 20″ hub motor and 13 Ah Samsung lithium battery cells, you can easily pedal from the city to the  and back without charging. The total distance you can do on a full battery charge depends on how many power you perform yourself eventually, but when you experience this bicycle and the power it has exactly when you need it, every experienced bicyclist will love this ride! Now Doi Suthep comes in reach for all is our conclusion.

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Security goes hand in hand with quality on electric bicycles.

Electric Bicycles: new generation powered bicycle 1 Live Music in Chiang MaiEverything about this electric bicycle is well thought of and brought into the right balance of performancecomfort and security. The frame of the bicycle is fold-able and made of aluminium, so are the 60 mm wheel rims. The black 20″*4″ Kendra bicycle tires might look a bit overdone, but you will soon experience that this is perfect for this all terrain bicycle. It improves the comfort of riding this electric bicycle in general, but also gives you more stability on the roads. Often there are small stones or sand on the swift turns in the mountains, and these tires respond very stable and controlled to that environment. To add to the security part, this all terrain electric bicycle is also fitted for the normal city traffic. With front and rear fenders, LED lights and wheel reflectors you have all you need to get noticed.

Limited electric bicycle offer only in Chiang Mai or Thailand: Call 0932318954

Shimano derailleur and Tekro disc brakes for controlled performance.

The main parts of mechanics to mention on this electric bicycle is probably the Shimano Tourny 7 speed derailleur + shifter and the Tekro cable disc brakes on front and rear wheels. With a Prowheel chain wheel, crank and aluminium fold-able pedals, this combination secures reliable bicycle performance in all conditions. For added comfort: a Promax black handlebar riser stem, a black saddle and handle bar grips. You can customize and change these in any bicycle shop just as your normal bicycle. But the ones used in this combination turned out to be ideal.

Limited electric bicycle offer only in Chiang Mai or Thailand: Call 0932318954

How it feels to ride an electric bicycle for the first time.

Riding an electric bicycle for the fist time is a great experience. Some might think it feels like riding a motorbike or scooter, but the opposite is true. In fact it is amazing how much it naturally feels like riding a genuine bicycle. Only this time, and that is the key word in here, you got a helping hand as if someone pushes you a bit in the back when you need it. You can use this electric bicycle’s power in any way the circumstances require. If you want some help going up a hill, just use the thumb throttle and it will increase the power of the electric motor softly to the desired level. Electric motors are strong and fast in response, making them ideal to power the electric bicycle. A controller in combination with the thumb throttle ensures a soft and controlled experience. So although you will feel the power of this electric bicycle immediately, it is not a discomforting feeling.

Limited electric bicycle offer only in Chiang Mai or Thailand: Call 0932318954

The pedal assist (PAD) or pedelecs are a very important part of the electric bicycle experience. It is actually the main reason why electric bicycles are classified legally as bicycles, rather than motorcycles or mopeds. It is the element that regulates or limits electric power to a decent but not excessive top speed, and where its motor is relatively low-powered. In other words, it allows you to use electric power when you need it and limits you to this power when it is not required. All this will make it easy to come to the perfect balance in available power storage (batteries), power performance (electric motor), and action radius (distance). Depending the settings of pedal assist you can select to either ride it as you would do with a normal bicycle, or increase the power and ride the bicycle entirely on the electric motor. This has consequences for the distance you can do compared to pedaling more, so you could do surprisingly long trips on 1 battery charge if you balance it out a bit.

How far does an electric bicycle bring you and how long do you charge?

In general a full charge of the lithium batteries takes less than 6 hours, so you can do this easily overnight or in the afternoon after your trip. The procedure is as easy as charging your phone. You just plug it in with the power supply and that’s it. A bright Bigstone C300S LCD display is included that allows you to read the status of the batteries, distance, and speed. So usually the main question is how far will this electric bicycle bring me?

Limited electric bicycle offer only in Chiang Mai or Thailand: Call 0932318954

There are pure theoretical calculations to make based on the batteries you use and the power of the electric motor. But there are 2 main variables to include here being the way you use the electric bicycle and the terrain you are riding the bicycle on. These conditions will really determine the action radius as a total. If you use it full electric powered from the start, expect to be lasting for about 4-6 hours depending on the leverage of the roads you are riding on.

If you use pedal assist and the thumb throttle wise, the kilometer range will increase together with the time op to 16-20 hours. So it all depends on you and the road leverage you select. The great advantage of this technique to balance the electric power is that you can do long bicycle trips without draining the battery too much. The bicycle comes with a rear luggage rack, and you can add side luggage. So you can always take the charger with you if you want to charge extra during a relaxing stop, or overnight on that weekend trip.

Limited electric bicycle offer only in Chiang Mai or Thailand: Call 0932318954

Come check it out or try it for a ride and you will be convinced.

View our video on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/M1aVJM8ZGw8

This electric bicycle is not just another motorized bicycle, but a perfect combination of the latest techniques in electric bicycle riding technology and well established global bicycling brands. It feels comfortable and can easily handle touring and more sportive trips throughout the country.

Limited electric bicycle offer only in Chiang Mai or Thailand: Call 0932318954

Electric bicycle technical specifications:

48V 750W Bafang rear drive 20″hub motor.
48V13ah Samsung 2600mah cells lithium battery.
Tekro cable disc brakes front and rear.
Bigstone C300S LCD display.
20″*4″ Kendra tyres,black.
Frame: alu6061,foldable.
Wheel rim. Alu 60mm.
Promax black handlebar riser stem.
Front and rear fenders.
Front and rear LED lights.
Rear luggage rack.
Prowheel 52T chain wheel. Prowheel crank and alu foldable pedals.
Anti rust chain.
Black saddle and handle bar grips.
PAS(pedal assist).
Twist grip or thumb throttle.
Tekro brake levers.
Shimano Tourny 7 speed derailleur + shifter.
Light switch via LCD control panel.
Alu kick stand.
Wheel reflectors front and rear.
400mm Promax seat post.