The Chiang Mai Pool League 2

The Chiang Mai Pool League

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33 pool league teams with around 240 players in Chiang Mai.

What began about 15 years ago with a couple of bars in Chiang Mai playing against each other has now grown into a three division, well organized pool league consisting of about 33 pool league teams with an average of around 240 players.

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The level of play is quite high, especially in first division where you have to play more percentages shots and have to be careful not to give away free shots, because before you know it, it might be game over. Because of the immense popularity for playing pool in the Chiang Mai pool league, some of the players and/or captains are sometimes getting a bit over excited and are maybe forgetting that the aim of the league is to play for fun and plastic trophy’s and not for the world cup, but overall it usually is great fun!

It is of course possible to join the league, simply have a talk with one of the participating bar owners or a captain of a team and convince them of your skills to join the by you chosen team if they are in need of a new player.

List of the bars that are participating in Chiang Mai Pool League:

2gether bar, Basic bar, Biker bar, Blue sky bar, Center bar, Down under pub, Franco Thai, Half moon, Jay jay Kangaroo bar, Living room, Lucky bar, On on bar, Pepper bar, Sheryl’s, Siam Tulip, Thai one on, Tip top bar and Wild boar.

Pool League Chiang MaiSome of the places mentioned are having more than one team, maybe up to four teams in different leagues depending on the amount of pool tables available in the bar. The majority of the bars are located in the old part of the city surrounding Thapae gate.

The idea behind the Friday night Chiang Mai pool league is to have a good night out and to go to new places, so this is a good, fast and fun way to meet new people.

For more information about Chiang Mai Pool League go to:

Facebook: chiang mai pool league

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