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Fly over beautiful paddy fields and the Mae Kueng dam with experienced pilots.t_1

Chiang Mai Sky Adventure is the first tropical Microlight flying centre in Thailand, established in 1998 and operated by Mr.Prayote Chaimongkul, a Thai national and self made entrepreneur that worked himself up from being a factory worker, a tour guide for a Japanese company and a scuba diving owner and instructor in Phuket until he met with a man from France on one of his diving trips who was the owner of a microlight plane factory. After saving up enough money, he traveled to France where he visited the factory and learned to fly microlight planes.


Today he operates his self-build fleet of five planes and assures you an unforgettable and thrilling experience up in the air with nothing between you and the ground but a two-stroke engine and a triangular wing.

Since the dawn of time, mankind is looking for ways to fly like the birds and with a microlight air plain this dream is getting closer and closer and is absolutely an original and different way to experience this thrilling sensation and to soar over the beautiful countryside of Chiang Mai with a birds-eye vantage point.

If you think that microlight air plains are too noisy, you can have the opportunity to drift gracefully over  Chiang Mai’s hot air balloonhills, lakes and rivers by taking a one to two hours breathtaking ride in a hot-air balloon which is an incomparable experience and might be the idea of a great gift!

Depending on the weather conditions you can have an introductory flight with free transportation to and from your hotel (min. 2 persons) between November and March, in case the weather conditions are not suitable to fly on your chosen date, you can change your booking to a more convenient time.

Microlight airplane flights at Chiang Mai Sky Adventure last about 15 minutes and costs at the time of writing 2200 Baht per person including free transportation, your microlight flying certificate and some beverages.



Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


190 M.3 T.Nong Yhang
Chiang Mai 50210


Hotel pick up time: Morning 06:00 am – 06:45 am

Afternoon 03:45 pm – 04:00 pm

Maximum passenger weight 95 kg.

For more information, and prices go to:



Or call: +66 (0) 532 55588  or +66 (0) 81 993 6861