Kad Ban Ho Thai Chinese Muslim Market 1

Kad Ban Ho Thai Chinese Muslim Market


This market is a well hidden gem

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Located just behind the night bazaar, opposite the oldest mosque in Chiang Mai, Kad Ban Ho market is a well hidden gem that is not easy to find and even many of the local inhabitants do not know of it’s whereabouts. One of the more exotic markets in town in the middle of the “Chin Haw” community, here you can find goods coming from the mountains, especially food and hill tribe products. Chinese Muslim descendants migrated from Yunnan to Thailand.

The Chin Haw are the descendants of Chinese/Muslim who migrated from Yunnan to Thailand and eventually settled in Chiang Mai. The market in Chiang Mai, which only takes place on Friday mornings between 6 am till about 1 pm supplies the local Muslim with halal food and other treats, many of the products are original and not to be found on other markets, sweet rice cakes, samosa, fresh vegetables, fermented bean curd, tofu and Burmese cosmetics are some of the many items that are being sold here.

Large ethnic group Shan Tai Yai from the Shan state in Burma


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Another large ethnic group the “Shan” or Tai Yai coming from the Shan state in Burma are also selling their goods here so you can also find pork sausages being sold on a traditional Muslim market  without there being a conflict.

When visiting this market take note of one of the oldest and beautiful, wooden teak houses in Chiang Mai overlooking the market.