Pad Thai – Addictive Thai Food 1

Pad Thai – Addictive Thai Food


Pad Thai is one of the famous dishes of Thailand.

Aaloo restaurant which serves one of the best Pad Thai in Chiang Mai

Thailand is well known for its notorious spicy food, but Pad Thai does not fall in to this category, on the contrary, Pad Thai is not spicy at all and is one of the famous dishes of Thailand and “Aaloo” restaurant (phonetic-meaning: try and love the taste) is one of the best places in Chiang Mai to experience this delicious dish.

Consisting mainly of noodles, soy shoots and tofu, you can add chicken or pork to your liking, this is a must do dish when visiting Thailand and it is pretty cheap as well, you can get the big Pad Thai portion for 40,- Baht.

The restaurant was first located on Thapae road and is managed by the same family for decades, they have their own secret recipe, but I think the trick is to have a kind of marinated noodles instead of just boiling them.


Another plus is that if you take out Pad Thai to go they still wrap the food in a banana leaf, reducing the use of plastic which is pretty unusual in modern Thailand.

Plenty of seats and tables to chose from and tables are changing rapidly, so there virtually will not be a long waiting time for the hungry.

Probably the best Pad Thai in town!

Chang Moi, soi 3
Chiang Mai

Open daily from: 05pm – 10pm