Open Air Dining at Galae Restaurant 1

Open Air Dining at Galae Restaurant


Open air dining place, beautifully situated in a wonderful flower garden


The Galae restaurant is located on top of the hills in the West of Chiang Mai. To get there, just follow Suthep road, pass Chiang Mai University, and drive into the hills until the end. This is an open-air dining place, beautifully situated in a wonderful flower garden, overlooking a water reservoir. After your meal, make sure you grab the opportunity to walk to the other side of the lake to enjoy some really stunning views of Chiang Mai city. This restaurant takes open-air dining to a whole new level.

Galae mainly serves Thai and Northern Thai food. Their large menu is presented in Thai only, but like many other eating venues, the available dishes are accompanied by pictures, so it is not that difficult to order. ┬áPrices are surprisingly – because of the more exotic surroundings – quite affordable. This also counts for the drinks. Because of its popularity among Thai locals, the place can be crowded, so service can be a bit slow sometimes.

chiang-mai-galae-garden-restaurantBut the food tastes delicious. On the menu: Gallae Chicken (roast chicken with cashew nuts in tomato sauce), deep fried, morning glory salad, Tilapia fish with vegetables in lemon sauce, spicy northern style pork meat salad, BBQ ribs with tamarind dipping sauce, and much more.

The restaurant is no late night eating corner. Galae is open daily from 10 am until 10 pm. In essence, this is a great open-air dining place, not too far outside the city center, offering Northern style Thai food above average quality. And the marvelous views upon Chiang Mai city definitely add some extra value to your visit and makes this restaurant the ideal place for open-air dining.

65 Suthep Road (behind Chiang Mai University)
Chiang Mai 50200