Food Delivery In and Around Chiang Mai 4

Food Delivery In and Around Chiang Mai


Have food delivered right to your doorstep.

Feeling hungry? Having a lazy day? Maybe you got a terrible hungover and you don’t feel like going out, although there are food stalls right around the corner. Don’t worry, there are plenty ways available in and around Chiang Mai  to have food delivered right to your doorstep so you don’t have to leave your comfortable couch.

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Order food delivery from the big brands.

You can get food delivered from  classic company’s like Mac Donalds, Pizza Company  and Pizza Hut:

* Mc. Donalds or Mc. Thai / or call: 1711

* Pizza Company: or call: 1112

* Pizza Hut: or call: 1150

Order food delivery from different restaurants.

If you take a little bit more time for your delivery and like to choose from a variety of different restaurants, for a small delivery fee you have lots of options ready to satisfy your empty stomach.

* Meals On Wheels: or call: 0846 086 661

* Foodpanda:

So relax, stay in and enjoy your food!