European Food in Franco Thai Restaurant 1

European Food in Franco Thai Restaurant


Hidden but worth to find restaurants

Obviously, when you are in Thailand, there is a lot of great, tasty local food to be found. Nevertheless, sometimes, we become a little bit homesick and start to long for some decent western food. Franco Thai restaurant is a place where you can find fairly priced quality European food.

chiang-mai-franco-thai-european-foodThe place is mostly known by persons who are staying in Chiang Mai for a long time already. First-time visitors can experience some difficulties finding the place, as it is hidden away at the back of a small soi (street) behind Computer Plaza on the North West side of the moat. But the French-owned restaurant is definitely worth visiting. It is an oasis of silence. Most of the tables are put outside, under a  roofing, but there is also an air-conditioned indoor area.

On the menu, you will see a variety of French dishes. The portions are generous and the quality is outstanding. Among the starters, you can choose garlic bread, paté, salads, and more. In the main dishes menu, there is a choice of steaks, chicken and pork. Many customers like to try out the raclette  (cheese fondue), but the steak with black pepper sauce is – in my humble opinion – unbeatable. If you still feel hungry after your main course, you can always opt for a dessert.

Great selection of wines available

As the restaurant is run by a Frenchman, there is a good selection of red or white wine bottles to accompany your European food. Franco Thai restaurant is the ideal place to have a quiet romantic dinner with quality food and wine.

The restaurant is frequented and appreciated by Westerners as well as Thai. So whenever you wish to eat some quality European food, don’t miss out on this fine place. Opening hours: 12 am till 22.30 pm. On Mondays, Franco-Thai is closed.

19/3 Maneenoparat Road
Tambon Sriphum
Ampur Muang
Chiang Mai 50000