Delicious local food at Ton Goom River Front 1

Delicious local food at Ton Goom River Front


This place is one of those tucked away restaurants in a street.

ton goom river front

In Chiang Mai we have a huge choice of restaurants and bars. Small stands with delicious local food to very posh restaurants and everything in between. Some restaurants come with huge highlighted advertisements and others are tucked away and only known to people who are brought there by locals.

Ton Goom River Front is one of those tucked away restaurants in a street that is very popular with some large restaurants and nightclubs. But without knowing there is a restaurant you will never end up in this place because it’s simply not inviting you in any way to try to go in that little muddy alley.

As mentioned above the restaurant is laying at the end of a muddy alley which doesn’t have any streetlights. The restaurant just lays a few feet away from the river. How unwelcoming the little alley feels like when you drive through it, once you arrive at Ton Goom River Front you’ll get the same feeling as that family restaurant in your hometown where you used to love going.

You will hardly see a tourist or an expat there.

There are only a couple of tables which are mostly occupied by couples in love spending a romantic night or a group of students enjoying the cheap food and drinks. You will hardly see a tourist or an expat there. All the tables are located under trees and all have an amazing view over the bridge and its constantly changing colored lights. The restaurant always has nice music playing but never too loud like many other places do. You will hear some Thai folk music as well as western rock.

ton goom river front in thailand

The food is excellent. Every dish I ordered was prepared and served perfectly. The kitchen is rather small so due to that, you’ll sometimes have to wait a while for your dishes to be served especially when its busy, but with these surroundings, you just don’t care because all your senses are triggered by them. So good food, good service, nice music and a gorgeous view. And all this in a relaxed and peaceful environment. What do you need more?

And all this just a stone’s throw away from some busy, hectic places with loud playing live bands. So easy to combine the romantic dinner with some extra drinks and dance into the night as if you were John Travolta himself.

Wichayanon Road
Chiang Mai 50200