The Boy Blues Bar experience!

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Every day live music with Boy Blues (except on Sundays).

Boy Blues bar is located in the middle of the Chiang Mai Night Bazar Galare. Just walk around the stalls with souvenirs, listen and follow the sound of electric guitars. Walk upstairs and the world of blues will open for you. Meeting “Boy” the owner of Boy Blues Bar is an experience by itself as he totally fits the blues in a very positive way. Every day except on Sundays he plays with his own band, and on Mondays any musician can join him with the popular jam sessions. Depending on the luck or magic of the evening, some real high-level blues sessions have been performed in the past and still continue to grow now.

Join the Boy Blues Band Experience!

The audience exists of locals mixed with tourists who either come to jam or just enjoy watching the show. Boy himself is a very nice “boy” and obviously an extremely talented blues player/singer. Sometimes when you close your eyes it sounds as if Jimi Hendrix is back. But that ‘s just the warm-up because along the evening he and his band will guide you through plenty more classics in jazz and blues. For those who have limited appreciation for blues music, Boy Blues always slides into other influences and sometimes that can change to more jazzy or rock vibes during his showcase. Anyone who loves to see a great band performing will enjoy the night!

It needs to be said that this is a place that everyone should frequent more in Chiang Mai. In the past years a growing amount of Thai/foreign musicians and singers mingled in with the jam sessions, creating various conditions to perform a unique set, and Boy Blues has always played a very important role in this pool of creativity. Any musician can fit in a session as Boy is the captain on this ship, guiding all that talent into the magic of blues. Now many musicians from all over the world remember the name “Boy Blues” in Chiang Mai as a place they need to visit again, so you never know who will walk in again to join the chemistry.