Buddhist Lent Day – Khao Phansa Festival 1

Buddhist Lent Day – Khao Phansa Festival

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Khao Phansa Festival Chiang Mai

Monks alms Chiang Mai on The Buddhist Lent Day in Chiang Mai.

Following the full moon day in July that marks the beginning of the Buddhist Lent and Khao Phansa festival.

In this time of the year monks are required to stay in one place on temple grounds or Wat for a period of three months during the rain season, this is the time for meditation and contemplation for monks, this is also the season for temporarily ordinations for young men to enter the monk hood for spiritual training and to make merit for themselves and their family.

Merit making, Buddhist speeches and a candle lit procession

candle lit procession on The Buddhist Lent Day in Chiang Mai.“Ok Phansa” day marks the end of the Buddhist lent usually around October, this is the time for family’s to welcome back their sons after their successful completion of their term as a monk in the Wat (temple).

Ceremonies in most temples

In Chiang Mai there are ceremonies in most temples and this is a good opportunity to see and feel Thai culture and traditions by visiting a temple or Wat, you will feel very welcomed by the locals as long as you dress and behave appropriately, this means no drinking alcohol, no shorts, shirts should have sleeves and trousers should be worn.

Because the Buddhist Lent Day is one of the major Buddhist festivals of the year as a result all the bars will of course be closed for a period of two days and the consummation of alcoholic beverages will be frowned up on.

The Buddhist Lent Day is definitely worth to be highlighted in your agenda!