Camping at Ob Khan National Park 3

Camping at Ob Khan National Park


A massive 484 square Kilometers national park

Ob Khan National Park in Hang Dong

Is it too hot and you are desperate to have a swim? Then you can either swim in one of the many swimming pools in Chiang Mai or you can try to jump into one of the lakes or rivers around Chiang Mai. If you are not really fond of jumping into the murky brown Ping River or swim in a pool filled with Chlorine filled water, then the Ob Khan National Park is your answer.

The Ob Khan National Park is a massive 484 square Kilometers national park that is situated in the Hang Dong district, Chiang Mai Province. It’s about an hour drive from Chiang Mai city center.

Unlike many other parks in Thailand, visitors of Ob Khan National Park are charged no entrance or parking fees. You only have to sign your name at the little hut before the car park. As soon as you enter, you’ll see the beauty of the park and feel like you’re hundreds of miles away from the city.

 camping at ob khan natural park

If you are not in a particularly adventurous mood then you can have a picnic at the sandy shore or jump in the cool Mae Khan river and swim under the shade of trees and cliffs. If the possibility of seeing wild cats, civets, mouse deer and mongoose, for instance, is tempting, then there are several hikes you can go on. I just went up the hills at the beginning of the Ob Khan National Park, which gave me a wonderful view of the jagged cliffs and interesting stones that give the park its name.

Though I didn’t see much in the way of wildlife, the river, cliffs and mountains were stunningly beautiful. You will definitely see hundreds of colorful butterflies and dragonflies flitting around the rocks and water.

Camping at Ob Khan National Park is popular since there are many spots perfect for tents right by the river.

You can rent tents for 50Bath and use the public facilities, which include well-kept hot showers.