Mind-blowing Pictures at Art In Paradise 6

Mind-blowing Pictures at Art In Paradise

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Visit the world`s largest 3D art museum in Chiang Mai

Mind-blowing Pictures at Art In Paradise 1

The former shopping mall at Sri Suan Plaza Building has been transformed into a museum. Now it houses the Art in Paradise exhibition, a great collection of 3D paintings composed mainly by Korean artists. All the images are hand painted.

At first, the story was that it would only be a temporary venue, but because of the big success, it is clear now that Art in Paradise stays permanently at this location, or at least for a long time period.

Created initially in Pattaya, they opened a second branch in Chiang Mai in July 2013. According to the founder, Jang Kyu Suk, the 3D art in paradise museum in Chiang Mai is the largest in the world and allows for more participation of the viewers as the pictures here are more lively, colorful and imaginative.

Bring your friends and family to take amazing pictures


Visiting the Illusion Art In Paradise Museum in Chiang Mai not only offers you a meaningful cultural activity in Chiang Mai, it makes an ideal pastime on a rainy day, and if you have kids, they will love it. This tourist attraction has become extremely popular among Thai people who are eager to take amazing pictures. But of course, foreigners – be it tourists or expats – will also enjoy this great interactive photographic experience.

So be creative, make funny poses, and take as much photo`s as you like of your friends and family in this truly interactive art museum. Later on, you will be able to show some mind-blowing pictures to your friends who didn`t join you to visit the 3D art museum.

Art in Paradise shows illusion paintings divided into 8 themes


Illusion paintings on the walls and floors transform ordinary two dimensional (2D) surfaces into three dimensional (3D) interactive environments. By combining a variety of special techniques and professional skills, the illusion of depth is established. In this way, the viewer will get a sensory perception which is neither true or false, but which makes it seem he or she is really inside the picture. An illusion is not the opposite of reality, it is just a deformed or altered impression.


The Art in Paradise exhibition is subdivided into 8 themes:
  • aquarium
  • zoo
  • dinosaurs
  • surrealism
  • classic art
  • Lanna
  • Thai
  • Egyptian

Fly on a magic carpet, enter the Pharao`s Tomb, step into a rustic European village, try not to fall of a moldy wooden bridge in the jungle, make a wish at Alibaba`s magic lamp, have a close encounter with a tiger, … The photo opportunities are endless in this collection of around 130 paintings.

Art In Paradise is one of the most fun places in Chiang Mai

The Art in Paradise museum in Chiang Mai is open daily from 9 am until 9 pm. The place can get rather crowded during the daytime, which makes it harder to take exclusive pictures. The best moment to pay a visit is in the morning. On Mondays, the place tends to be less populated. Make sure to bring some relatives or friends, as you will have lots of fun and will be able to take great pictures.


The Art in Paradise museum is definitely one of the most fun places in Chiang Mai, both for children and adults. You will need a minimum of 3 hours to visit all floors, but you can easily spend more time. At the time of writing the entry fee for a child is 200 baht and 300 baht for an adult.

In case you want some refreshment before or after visiting the exhibition, the building houses a coffee shop and a restaurant as well.


199/9 Changklan Road (the old Sri Suan Shopping Plaza)
Changklan, Chiang Mai 50200
(+66) 053 274 100