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Elephant Parks: Playing with Elephants


Witness the traditional mahout lifestyle

Elephants and Chiang Mai inhabitants are going hand in trunk for centuries, army’s in the past have won battles on the back of these giants and elephants have been connected with Thailand for like well … forever. We all know how tempting it is to participate in elephant shows and elephant tours, but we also know that it is important to make sure that these majestic animals are having a healthy and good life (related article in this magazine, section activities). Following are a couple of options to interact and play with elephants, most of the places mentioned are putting the welfare of these gentle giants in the first place, however, we cannot be a 100% sure of what is going on after closing times and can only hope for the best.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary 

[callout]Address:119/10 Thapae rd.Chang Klan, Chiang Mai 50100[/callout]

elephant parks Chiang Mai elephant jungle sanctuary

This is an elephant park in Chiang Mai that doesn’t offer riding tours like many other companies do, but instead, you will be given the opportunity to witness the traditional mahout lifestyle and learn how to interact with elephants in their natural environment.

The sanctuary’s number one priority is the safety and well being of the elephants!
Walk, play, swim and feed your newly made giant friends by visiting the park with different tour packages of 1-2 and 3 days or participate as a volunteer and assist in caring for the elephants and running tours for guests.
Including pickup to and from your hotel, waterfall bathing, lunch, mud spa, visits to hill tribes and much more…

For more information, bookings and prices go to:
Website: www.elephantsanctuary.com
E-mail: elephant.ejs@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/elephantjunglesanctuary
Phone: 053 273 415 or 081 264 1297

Thai Elephant Home Elephant parks Chiang Mai

Thai Elephant Home – elephant parks Chiang Mai

[callout]102 Moo. 2 Maetaman village T. Kudchang, Mae Tang, Chiang Mai 50150 Thailand[/callout]

Founded by Nayok Satien and run by manager Joe who trained at the well-known elephant hospital in Lampang before opening Thai Elephant Home and it’s nursery in 2006.

Thai Elephant Home believes deeply in the well being of their elephants and treat them with the respect and care that they deserve, the most Eco-friendly elephant program in the valley.
Learn the five simple basic Mahout commands to establish a bond with your elephant and ride bareback on your elephant through the lush jungle in Mae Taeng valley, participate in waterfall bathing, mud spa and play with baby elephants for an unforgettable experience.
Programs are starting from a two-hour elephant ride up to 30 days of elephant fun!
Accommodations are available from one night or on a monthly rate.

For more information, bookings and prices go to:

Website: www.thaielephanthome.com
E-mail: wanacharts@yahoo.com
Phone: +66894342047 or +66895545547

Baan Chang Elephant Park

[callout]147/1 Rachadamnoen Rd, Muang Chiang Mai 50200[/callout]

elephant parks Chiang Mai elephantsA non-profit organization dedicated to providing elephants with the highest quality of life possible.
Baan Chang
provides a home for rescued elephants from circuses and illegal logging camps, they are against learning elephants how to paint and the training of dancing around and sitting on two legs and are considering these practices an unnatural way of life for the animal.

Learn about the behavior of Asian elephants, participate in the Mahout program to learn how to control and ride your elephant bareback through the hills surrounding the park. Wash, bathe, brush and ride bareback on your elephant whilst enjoying waterfalls and hill tribe visits.


For more information, bookings and prices go to:

Website: www.baanchangelephantpark.com
E-mail: info@baanchangelephantpark.com
Phone: 053-814174 or 086-9241245