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Chiang Mai Mountain Biking


Explore Chiang Mai Mountain Biking.

Chiang Mai Mountain Biking

Spin your own wheels and explore Chiang Mai and it’s surroundings on a mountain bike (MBT) by taking the rural countryside roads and trails to experience the traditional Thai lifestyle with the vantage point that only a cyclist can enjoy. Chiang Mai mountain biking is active since 2003, well recommended by the lonely planet and has an extensive program with over 20 different tours and packages suitable for beginners and advanced mountain bikers alike.

Start with the Chiang Mai city tour.

Starting with the “Chiang Mai city tour” that takes you around the city’s temples and markets, a tour perfectly constructed for family’s, or take a couple of days more and go cross country to even the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai. Rides are designed to your own personal riding abilities and for the more experienced and better-conditioned riders, there are a lot more options available to raise your adrenaline level to the limit and go on- or off-road up and over the mountains in the lush jungles of Northern Thailand.

All trips are led by experienced guides.

To ensure your safety, all mountain biking trips are led by experienced guides and instructors, all speak English and are knowledgeable about bike mechanics. Guides are always equipped with spare tools, -parts and first aid kits and stay constantly in contact with base camp. Transportation to and from the riding areas are provided by 4 x 4 trucks that will take you to the top of even the remotest summits with great elevation advantage, but I’m afraid it’s all downhill from there.

Chiang Mai mountain biking provides you with all safety gear.

Chiang Mai mountain biking provides you with all safety gear, such as knee pads, elbow pads, helmets, gloves, even shoes and everything your ride will demand depending on the by your chosen trip. No matter if you decide to go on a one day trip or go cross-country to even the most remote parts of Northern- Thailand with a tour spread over several days on the roads or off the roads, to go mountain biking in this beautiful country is without a doubt an unforgettable experience like no other!

An overview of tours available at Mountain Biking Chiang Mai:

Full day Mountain Biking Tours.

Join Chiang Mai Mountain Biking for one day Epic mountain bike adventure. Every tour has been carefully crafted to show you the magic of Chiang Mai that goes beyond the renowned MTB trails. Experience hidden spots, cultural highlights, and local way of life with our knowledgeable guides. No matter your cycling ability, we have something for everyone. And don’t sweat the small stuff because we have our Best in Town bikes and gears ready for you.

  • Numb: The name said it all! 100% downhill fast-paced descent on most adrenaline pumping routes Chiang Mai has to offer.
  • Buffalo soldier: A Great conditioning trail for adjusting to Chiang Mai riding. Fast and flowy trails with just the right amount of technical for a fun ride.
  • Smoke on the water: Trailhead Award Winning tour at its best. Ride deep into the nature and culture of the North. Descend the unique trail with stunning landscapes and experience Hmong hill tribe’s way of life.
  • Stairway to heaven: It needs a great effort and dedication to experience a peaceful mind and to get closer to heaven. A challenge uphill riding will test you if you are qualified to appreciate the peaceful nature with original Karen villages and long flow downhill trails.
  • Thriller: The trail that will thrill you by the stunning scenery, the story along the trail and the trail itself. One of the best choice to experience all flavors of Chiang Mai trail riding.
  • Rural explorer: A ride into Chiang Mai’s rural heart You don’t have to be a regular rider to enjoy it. Join us for an easy mountain bike ride through Chiang Mai countryside. Ideal activity for family enjoyment and great work out!
  • Fields of gold: Chilling in the fields of gold! The ride that you can still have fun ridding off-road while enjoying Lanna villagers way of life. It’s best to experience the golden rice paddy in Oct to Dec.

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