A relaxing afternoon at Nong Buak Park 4

A relaxing afternoon at Nong Buak Park

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Walk around and feed the fish and the birds

Public Park Chiang Mai

For those who love nature, romance and a peaceful place in the middle of Chiang Mai city: Nong Buak Public Park is the place to be! A very well maintained park with nice places to sit and relax. Local Thai often come to sit in the shadow under a tree or do some jogging around the lake. But it can be just as much fun to walk around and feed the fish and the birds. There’s plenty of fruits and Thai BBQ snacks available and lately, a nice coffee house opened with a good selection of cakes. While enjoying the coffee and cake you can use the free wireless internet, so even on rainy days, this is a nice place to spend time.

Nong Buak park is a great place for photography and many pictures are taken over here by amateurs and professionals. Families come for a picnic and you can rent a pallet to sit on and simply enjoy the view on the pond with lots of fish in it. It’s really fun to feed the pigeons too as they come flying around you and eat from your hand. Early in the morning or later in the afternoon you can join Tai Chi or aerobics courses. Need to get even more relaxed? Get a Thai massage.

The yearly Flower Festival is unique

Buak Hard Public Park picnic

The yearly Flower Festival is organized in this area too and within the park, you can discover many flower types such as a Climbing Ylang Ylang, Orange Jessamine, Croton, Lxora and Banyan trees. Most of the trees are mentioned in their Latin name so if you have a higher interest in nature you can give your knowledge a go here!

The Flower Festival takes place on the first weekend of February. It is a real celebration of flowers with a contest parade from the Nawarat Bridge along Thapae Gate to end up at Nong Buak. Floats decorated with flowers all represent a theme from either old Lanna Thai Culture or simply create a magical sphere with beauty queens decorated in flowers. The most beautiful floats get a price at the end of the competition.