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Nowadays a lot of people are getting more concerned about the food on their plates. And right they are! In days of genetically modified food or animals getting horribly abused just to end up on our plates, it’s just normal that we want to know that what we are eating is produced and provided in a way that we aren’t feeling guilty to the animals, farmers or even to ourselves.

So the last years many of those organic restaurants were established all around the world and also in Chiang Mai. Which is a great thing because it’s healthy and easy to track down the history of your food. Many of those restaurants serve healthy food but also many of them serve dishes with not a lot of flavor in it. A few shallow dishes if you ask me.Bubbles Live's interior in Chiang Mai


Not so at Bubbles live!!!

Their dishes are so full of flavor and you immediately see that they thought thoroughly about their menu. And on top of that, all their dishes are homemade. There’s also a special menu for shakes and smoothies. Those smoothies or shakes are not the average kind of drinks you see on the menus in other places.

Here you have smoothies prepared to boost your body in many different ways. They have smoothies which boost up your energy level or boost up your concentration level and many other smoothies with a healing effect. I had the detox body juice that contained ginger, watermelon and apples. It was a very tasty juice and it helped me in the struggle with my hangover after a night out.


Some of the pjuices menu at Bubbles live in Chiang Maiopular dishes at Bubbles Live are the extra large jacket potato and the French-style appetizers such as the French Bacon Quiches and the Tomato Mozzarella Tart. They also have amazing breakfasts and desserts such as their homemade muffin.  

Bubbles Live is so relaxing that you just want to stay there all day enjoying their shakes or coffee whilst reading your book or surf on their free wifi network.

They created a special atmosphere with their restaurant/garden and with their excellent choice of lounge music. You’ll often hear Paco de Lucia or one of the Buddha Bar albums on the background.

Bubbles live is certainly worth a visit. You won’t regret it!!!

Continental breakfast at Bubbles Live in Chiang Mai


5 Ratchamanka Road Soi 2
Amphur Muang
Chiang Mai 50200



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