Baan Tawai : The Handicrafts Village

Indulge yourself with a day of shopping

Baan Tawai : perfect place for a day of shopping

Located in Hang Dong district and one of the major tourist attractions in Chiang Mai, Baan Tawai was awarded the OTOP tourism village of Thailand and earned a worldwide reputation from its skills and craftsmanship for decades. The majority of products made and sold here are also sold on the many street markets in Chiang Mai. But since the source of it all starts in Baan Tawai, more choices and better deals are made here and to save some money Baan Tawai is the place to be! It can make a big difference after a day of shopping.

A wide variety of products ranging from wood carvings, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, big teak furniture and decorative household items like ceramics, light features and lacquer ware are to be found here. It is possible to ship your goods directly from Baan Tawai to the rest of the world, but the cost of shipping and declaration of goods can well exceed the price of the item itself.

Indulge yourself with a day of shopping in a whole village dedicated to do just that!

Baan Tawai wood carving fair

At the end of January, Baan Tawai celebrates its wood carving history with a week-long wood carving fair. The perfect time to organize your day of shopping.

Nowadays Baan Tawai handicrafts village has a lot of products imported from China and Myanmar and it is harder to find local shops that still have their own studios, which are located underneath their homes, but if you stroll away from the drop off point for tourists, they will be there for you to be found and to see the craftsman at work.

Enjoy a day of shopping, but maybe leave your credit cards at home, just to be safe.

Baan Twai lacquer ware : worth a spot on your list for a day of shopping

Baan Tawai: shop like these you will see enough during your day of shopping







90 Moo 2
Baan Tawai
Khun Khong
Hang Dong
Chiang Mai 50230

For more information go to:



Phone: +66(0)81-882-4882

Fax: +66(0)53-433-074

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