We promote live music in Chiang Mai

Out In Chiang Mai is a website that is born to promote live bands and artists performing in and around Chiang Mai. We not only promote live music in Chiang Mai but all the venues we visit that have live music scheduled too. We do this free of any charge and only because we love to put more bands in the picture in this great city of musicians. There are so many good live music restaurants and bars in Chiang Mai that deserve our attention and your visit. 

Many visitors to Chiang Mai like the fact that this city has many people with the music vibes, being it local Thais or ex-pats. If you have been here long enough, you probably know about all the most well-known places already. So we spend most of our time on the local places that you don’t know yet. We take you to places and introduce you to local bands and venues in Chiang Mai by sharing the video and sound recordings we made ourselves. 

You can always visit our Youtube video channel directly to see all the latest uploaded videos from live music venues in Chiang Mai. But to get instant and direct information about those places, bands and artists, we decided to make this website especially for you and the people you bring with you. Chiang Mai is worth your time to visit for not only a few days. If you spend a bit more time outside of the regular holiday season, you will find this city to be a source of many talented musicians.

Stay updated on all our latest postings by either registering to this site or subscribing to our Live in Chiang Mai Youtube channel where we post all of our latest recordings. We do love sharing our videos and try to offer the best HD quality in video and sound recordings. It makes the total difference compared with people sharing only a few minutes from a concert by Facebook or Instagram. We don’t pretend to be better neither do we judge on the quality of the performance or the location where the event was organised. Sometimes things do go wrong in either the sound recording or the video quality. We aim to bring you the best experience possible of the music and the vibes.