2Getherbar & Restaurant “Great food, great people!”

2Getherbar is a “must go place” for people in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Eats 2015 Award Winner

This is one of those places that are not that easy to find unless someone takes you there, and that attracts a lot of local expats living in Chiang Mai. Hidden away in a small alley in the vicinity of the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, 2Getherbar & Restaurant is a “must go place” for people that like to enjoy a good game of pool and excellent food.

2Getherbar & Restaurant is a “must go place” for people in Chiang Mai


Enjoy a drink with friends, watch your favorite sports games live on one of the three flat screen TV’s or play a game of pool. When you get hungry you have a huge choice of great Western -or Thai food from the extensive menu, we definitely recommend the thin-crust pizza’s made by a professional, Italian chef.

But other food items like for example chicken steak, fresh foot-long baguettes, excellent Thai food and different snacks (some with a Dutch influence) are certainly well recommended as well and it’s not without reason that 2Getherbar & Restaurant has well deserved won the “Chiang Mai Eats 2015” award.

A restaurant with a long history in Chiang Mai

Previously located for about ten years at Loy Kroh Rd. Soi 1, and today at the new location, 2Getherbar is still managed by the same sympathetic owners, Pascal and Mai who will welcome you openhearted and friendly. With a nice blend of foreign and Thai costumers, nice and friendly staff, 2Getherbar at the new location is simply put a fantastic place and hang-out to encounter new people or to meet old friends. The main, spacious, wooden building, constructed in traditional Thai, Lanna style architecture in addition to the large outside seating area makes for a relaxed and pleasant environment.

2Getherbar & restaurant's front

Chiang Mai's 2Getherbar & restaurant outside

Two brand new top-grade pool tables without any kind of obstruction to play or watch the games (which in Chiang Mai is quite hard to find) also makes 2Getherbar one of the best venues in Chiang Mai to have a game of pool, simply put your name on the board and wait for your turn to play, (it won’t take long before you will get called over) or participate in one of the regularly hosted pool competitions.

.Do beware, the level of play usually is of quite a high standard, so keep your wits when playing or drink more beers and become invincible.

2Getherbar&Restaurant Pool Tournament in Chiang Mai

The fact that 2Getherbar & Restaurant is homely enough to welcome a small gathering and large enough to accommodate a party for up to a hundred people, makes 2Getherbar the ideal place for events like meetings and gatherings for business, sports or other organizations or to throw a private party.Pascal and Mai are well experienced and are guaranteed to arrange everything at your liking to make sure that your party or meeting will run smoothly and professionally.

How to find this place in Chiang Mai?

To find 2getherbar & Restaurant, turn in to the Night Bazaar from direction Thapae Rd. and then turn in to Soi 6 on your left-hand side, walk halfway into the Soi until you see the big red neon light on your right-hand side.

Enjoy your time at 2Getherbar Chiang Mai with great food and great people!

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