101 Things to do in Chiang Mai

With more than 101 things to do in Chiang Mai being the largest city of Northern Thailand, we can’t possibly capture every music event in Chiang Mai. Most events and activities can be found on Facebook anyway. The majority of our posts here are contributions by people who visited a particular venue, or otherwise we embed the Facebook timeline so you can follow ongoing activities without the need to have a Facebook account. Some places stay and become legendary in Chiang Mai, others move or close. You know how fast things come and go here.

We enjoyed many concerts and live music places in Chiang Mai, so whenever we get the chance we upload and share some of the best videos on our YouTube page Live In Chiang Mai

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A New Place For Live Music Opens!

Why Not House of Music

There is a new place about to open in Chiang Mai that takes live music to a higher level. Why Not House of Music will be opening with a few great new bands and a comeback for some known legends from the live music scene in Chiang Mai.

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Boy Blues Band

Watch the Boy Blues Band at the night bazaar. A unique experience that demonstrates blues can be a happy thing. Owner and musician Boy Blues has become an ultimate legend through the years with his great sets, and together with a good sense of humor it becomes a funny show.

Job 2 Do Reggae Band

Job 2 Do came into national stardom and global recognition with the 2005 hit ’Doo Ter Tum’ an anthemic Thai reggae/country song. A song that still gains attention from Thais and international visitors alike, and we are delighted that we can share some great videos.

North Gate Jazz Co-Op

North Gate Jazz Co-Op is one of Chiang Mai’s premier venues for life jazz music, and a place rich in history. If you like experimental jazz with a slice of Thai music culture, then this is definitively the jazz place to be in Chiang Mai.

Pongsit Khampee

Pu Pongsit is one of the most popular Thai artists on YouTube, and there is a very good reason for that. Listening to his music for many years, it was a real honor to see him perform live in Chiang Mai. Listen to Thailand folk songs.