101 Things to do in Chiang Mai

With more than 101 things to do in Chiang Mai being the largest city of Northern Thailand, we can’t possibly capture every music event in Chiang Mai. Most events and activities can be found on Facebook anyway. The majority of our posts here are contributions by people who visited a particular venue, or otherwise we embed the Facebook timeline so you can follow ongoing activities without the need to have a Facebook account. Some places stay and become legendary in Chiang Mai, others move or close. You know how fast things come and go here.

We enjoyed many concerts and live music places in Chiang Mai, so whenever we get the chance we upload and share some of the best videos on our YouTube page Live In Chiang Mai

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Obkhan national park bike drive [Things to do in chiang mai]

Ob Khan National Park covers the areas of Pha Samoeng National Conserved Forest including areas of Tambol Samoeng Tai, Tambol Mae Sarb, Tambol Borkaew of Samoeng District; Pa Mae Khan-Mae Wang National Conserved Forest including Tambol Mae Win, Tambol Ban Kard, Mae Wang Sub-district, Sanpatong District, Tambol San Klang of Sanpatong District; and Pha Chang-Mae Khanin National Conserved Forest including Tambol Namprae, Tambol Banpong of Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province, within an approximate area of 574 square kilometers or 341,875 rai. The geographical features of the National Park mostly consist of high mountains. And “Yod Khun Tien” is the highest mountaintop of the National Park, at the altitude of 1,550 meters. The National Park has beautiful natural tourist attractions and varieties of major plants and wild animals.

Geographical Features
The geographical features of the National Park consist of high and low mountains, extending from mountains in the area of Mae Chaem District, Chaing Mai Province. The majority of mountains in the National Park are not much high. And “Yod Khun Tien” is the highest mountaintop of the National Park, at the altitude of 1,550 meters, followed by “Doi Khun Huay Prachao” at the altitude of 1,443 meters, and “Doi Khun Win” at the altitude of 1,424 meters above the medium sea level, etc. The National Park is the source of major rivers and gullies flowing into Ping River including Nan River, Lan River, Tien River, Win Gully, Mae Toa Gully, Mae Kamin Gully, Lah Luang Gully, etc. Most areas of the National Park are mountains at the average altitude of 800 meters above the medium sea level. There are small plains along rivers and gullies, including hillside plains where villages are situated.

Varieties of Plants and Wild Animals
Since the geographical features of the Ob Khan National Park consist of high and low mountains, there are various kinds of forests within the area of the National Park, including arid, evergreen forests, virgin forests, pinery, and mixed forests. Major plants include Irvingia Malayana Oliv. (Krabok), Anisoptera Costata (Krabak), Indian Mahogany, Pometia Pinnata, Sompong, rubber trees, clustered plants, Michela Alba, Talo, Cinnamon, Benzoin, Pinus Merkusii Jungh (two-leaf pines), Pinus Kesiya Royle Ex Gordon (three-leaf pines), teak, Leguminosae (Pradoo), Lagerstroemia (Tabaek), Schleichera Oleosa, Vitex Pinnata Linn. (Teen Nok), Terminalia Chebula, and different kinds of bamboo. Wild animals found in the National Park include gorals, Muliacus Muntjak, bears, fishing cats, mouse deer, masked palm civets, wild rabbits, wild boars, monkeys, slow loris, mongooses, porcupines, squirrels, tree shrews, rats, etc.
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Boy Blues Band

Watch the Boy Blues Band at the night bazaar. A unique experience that demonstrates blues can be a happy thing. Owner and musician Boy Blues has become an ultimate legend through the years with his great sets, and together with a good sense of humor it becomes a funny show.

Job 2 Do Reggae Band

Job 2 Do came into national stardom and global recognition with the 2005 hit ’Doo Ter Tum’ an anthemic Thai reggae/country song. A song that still gains attention from Thais and international visitors alike, and we are delighted that we can share some great videos.

North Gate Jazz Co-Op

North Gate Jazz Co-Op is one of Chiang Mai’s premier venues for life jazz music, and a place rich in history. If you like experimental jazz with a slice of Thai music culture, then this is definitively the jazz place to be in Chiang Mai.

Pongsit Khampee

Pu Pongsit is one of the most popular Thai artists on YouTube, and there is a very good reason for that. Listening to his music for many years, it was a real honor to see him perform live in Chiang Mai. Listen to Thailand folk songs.

Norah Jones: Come away with me [acoustic cover Ribbin and Geng]

A great duo with a cheerful jazzy playlist of songs that will make everyone go home happy. Recorded at Why Not House of Music in Chiang Mai.

Ribbin and Geng Come
Away With Me acoustic cover live at Why Not House of Music in Chiang Mai.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/whynothouseofmusic/
Map: https://g.page/whynothom?share
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The Rolling Stones: Waiting on a friend [The Dudes cover Jazz Cafe]

The Dudes: Waiting on a friend - The Rolling Stones - live at Jazz Cafe.

Watching girls passing by, it ain't the latest thing
I'm just standing in a doorway
I'm just trying
to make some sense
Out of these girls passing by, the tales they tell of men
I'm not waiting on a lady
I'm just waiting on a friend
A smile relieves a heart that grieves, remember what I said
I'm not waiting on a lady
I'm just waiting on a friend
I'm just waiting on a friend
Just waiting on a friend
I'm just waiting on a friend
I'm just waiting on a friend
I'm just waiting on a friend
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah
Don't need a
I don't need no booze
Don't need a virgin priest
But I need someone I can cry to
I need someone to protect
Ooh, making love and breaking…

The Dudes is a local blues band performing lately in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Phil Elpers is the singer from the band with Harris Moore and Oliver Benjamin on guitar, David Williams on bass and Yves Boder on drums. Special guests on this concert are Roddy Lorimer on trumpet and Craig Smith on saxophone. They bring a blues mixture of songs from The Rolling Stones, to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. All very experienced musicians who enjoy the blues music and decided to stage a tribute with a concert at Jazz Cafe in Chiang Mai.

Jazz Cafe is located at Chang Klang Road and offers high-level live music performances every night. Usually about 3 bands per night play at the professional stage, with special concerts from invited famous Thai or foreign bands every month. If you are lucky you can actually come very close to superstars from Bangkok on one of the special fan concerts. It is one of the few places in Chiang Mai that actually take sound and light management to a professional level.

ร้าน Jazz Cafe. อยู่ถนนช้างคลาน ที่จอดรถหาตามข้างทาง เป็นร้านกินดื่มฟังเพลงกลางคืน เพื่อนชวนมาฉลองสงกรานต์กัน สั่งเบียร์สิงห์มาทานกัน อาหารต้องสั่งตามร้านอื่นๆที่จายด้านหลังร้านjazz เพราะร้านนี้ขายแต่เครื่องดื่ม มีวงดนตรีเล่นสด แต่เล่นเพลงแนวยุด90ลงไป ทั้งไทย-ฝรั่ง สลับกันไปแล้วแต่วงที่เล่น จะมีแต่เพลงเก่าๆ โดยรวมบรรยากาศดี บริการดี อ่านต่อได้ที่
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