Rotisserie Chicken Chiang Mai, roasted chicken with taste

Rotisserie Chicken Chiang Mai, European style grilled chicken in Hang Dong.

Recently a new shop opened in Hang Dong for those who love roasted chicken. Rotisserie Chicken Chiang Mai is a shop that really knows how to make rotisserie chicken in a traditional European style. Marinated with a mix of herbs, this chicken is something else than the local available roasted or bbq grilled chicken (gai yang or ไก่ย่าง).

Even looking at the rotisserie machine in action with all those chickens rotating is something that makes you hungry for some delicious grilled chicken. After talking a while with the cook, we learned that rotisserie machines preserve the taste better because of the way they bind the chickens and the process of marinating to the ideal taste. Also, the grease coming from the chicken is collected separately, which allows them to play with this taste in other dishes.

So we had to try this chicken in Hang Dong, the first shop opened after they started with the chicken food truck.

There is something more to say about this than that it is probably the only food truck that makes rotisserie chickens like this in Thailand. The owners of the shop made this a solar paneled food truck and added the largest rotisserie machine available, which makes it a unique food truck in Chiang Mai. We heard about Rotisserie Chicken Chiang Mai the first time when this food truck was parked near Bus Bar at the iron bridge.

Rotisserie Chicken Chiang Mai: Visit the website You can pull the chicken meat out with your hands

The first thing we noticed after ordering a full chicken at the shop, was a delicious smell coming from the rotisserie machine. It simply makes you hungry when you see this machine in action with all the chickens rotating and juicy grease from the chickens in combination with the herbs dripping from 1 layer to another. So we could hardly wait to try this chicken at last.

When it was served it came with a very nice extra: some potato tomato onion mix, something that looked more like a French “Ratatouille”, but it was very delicious and slightly spicy.

The grilled chicken was hot and very juicy, you can actually pull the bone out from the meat without using a fork or anything! This was such a tender chicken, and in combination with the potato mix, the meal was nothing less than a feast.

We ordered 2 more to take away, curious as we were to see how it would taste tomorrow. At home, the best of rotisserie chicken is the leftovers, and you can make many different side dishes from this like a chicken salad or chicken pesto pasta. Rotisserie Chicken Chiang Mai offers a few variations already, like a great chicken pad Thai and a healthy chicken salad lunch. Also, a few snacks like spring rolls, and chicken nuggets that taste great with this typical rotisserie chicken flavor. They are planning more chicken side dishes in the shop soon, and a delivery service.

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